IVF Process

1. Initial Consultation

As your first step in your journey, we introduce you to a doctor and a friend to listen to your fertility concerns. During your appointment, our specialist will review your medical history and examine your previous tests and treatments. S/He will also talk to you through your possible options and recommend the best course of action

2. Testing and Ovary Simulation

After routine testing, we start the ovary simulation process on the first day of your monthly cycle. You will be given medications for 8 to 14 days for your ovaries to produce more eggs. Then, we give you a trigger injection to get the eggs ready for ovulation

3. Egg retrieval

During this step, our specialist puts you under anesthesia. S/He will use ultrasound to guide a needle to your ovary and retrieve the eggs. The whole process takes about 20 to 30 minutes. And since you are under anesthesia, you should not feel any pain.

4. Sperm Retrieval

If you decide to use fresh sperm, then we perform sperm retrieval on the same day as egg retrieval. If you decide to use frozen sperm, we can perform the retrieval ahead of time and store it safely to use when required.

5. Fertilization

To fertilize the egg with the sperm, our specialist will use the best eggs and sperms  from the collected sample and fertilize them in a dish in vitro.

6. Embryo Development

When the sperm fertilizes the egg, they form a zygote. A zygote divides rapidly after fertilization to form an embryo. This embryo is placed in a special incubator where the team monitors its development.

7. Embryo Transfer

After the embryo is ready, we prepare for the embryo transfer. The specialist puts the embryo in a catheter and transfers it through the cervix inside your uterus.

8. Pregnancy Test

After the successful transfer of the embryo, we wait two weeks for the embryo to develop inside your uterus. After that, we take a blood test to determine your pregnancy

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