Ovulation Induction is a process of fertility treatment that increases the opportunity for pregnancy. In the process, medicine is used to regulate ovulation and increase the eggs produced during a female cycle.


For women who have an irregular menstrual cycle or natural infertility, the method is used. This is often the first method doctors will try to achieve pregnancy.


Vardhan Fertility centre is providing the best ovulation induction service in Nepal with world-class treatment facilities. Our doctors, nurses and physicians will guide you through every step in the path of your treatment.


What are the advantages of ovulation induction?


Ovulation induction is one of the effective treatment methods for infertility. Here are some of the advantages of ovulation induction:

  • It is a simple method of infertility treatment.
  • The cost of ovulation induction is low compared with other fertility treatment.
  • Enhances the quality and quantity of ovulation.
  • Ovulation Induction is also an effective treatment co-occurrence with IVF, IUI and other related treatments.

Ovulation induction is a simple method for infertility treatment. Vardhan Fertility centre provides the best treatment for ovulation induction. To know more about the treatment for ovulation induction, contact us!

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